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  • Datatek awarded a PL/I to C/C++ migration for a large print solutions company
  • Datatek roles out automated Easytrieve® to COBOL service
  • Datatek awarded Mainframe Rehosting project for a national retailer
  • Datatek starts assembler to COBOL pilot for national bank
  • Datatek awarded third PL/I conversion contract with Major European Aerospace/Defense Manufacturer.
Cost-effective solutions for today's business environment.

Code Analysis
Gain a better understanding of your IT systems. Datatek's code analysis tools use a compiler's point of view. Source code is analyzed across your entire code base, not just on line by line or file by file basis.

Language Conversions
Breathe new life into your legacy system applications by taking advantage of the functionality and support of newer programming languages. Datatek's automated language conversion service is a safe, quick, and cost effective approach to language conversion.
Remediation Services
Reduce the time and costs of major software maintenance projects using Datatek's automated remediation services. Datatek's remediation service is a safe, quick, and cost-effective approach to modifying source code in a consistent manner.
System Migrations
Increase your performance. Reduce your maintenance costs. Reap the benefits of migrating your legacy system to a more modern system. Datatek's automated system migrations provide a safe, quick and cost effective approach to system migration.


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Datatek, Inc. has been performing database and programming language conversions since 1992 for both Global and Fortune 500 companies. Contact a Datatek representative today to discuss options that can improve your IT system.

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