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Today Unix is considered one of the main players in the operating system market. Yet, changes in the Unix market, as well as inroads made by Linux , have made Unix migrations necessary. Business considerations have caused a number of Unix vendors to reduce support for some of their Unix offerings, which has in turn created a domino-like effect in the market: hardware vendors stopped upgrading their hardware lines for these Unix versions and software vendors stopped porting their newer products to these Unix versions. The net effect has been that some businesses have found themselves locked-in to an essentially obsolete Unix product. Businesses running on these types of Unixes find that they need to migrate in order to get better support, to take advantage of better and less expensive hardware performance, as well as to make use of newer technologies. If your business is facing any of these issues, call the migration experts at Datatek to discuss your migration options.

Although the various flavors of Unix have much in common, there are many issues that must be addressed when migrating from one Unix to another. For over a decade, Datatek has been developing software products for the major Unix vendors and performing migrations from one Unix platform to another. So, whether your business is losing its Unix vendor support or simply considering Linux as a cost-effective alternative, Datatek can provide you with a smooth and cost-effective migration.

Major Benefits
Lower Cost of Ownership
Increased Performance
Access to Newer Technologies
More Support Options

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