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Datatek believes that training is a core component to any successful solution and that qualified trainers are the key to successful training. Datatek offers both formal and informal training in a large number of computer-related areas. Training is done by Datatek personnel, IT professionals with experience in all aspects of legacy and Open System environments.

Datatek's informal training is a part of any migration service and reflects Datatek's commitment to helping a company reach its objectives. During the project, Datatek professionals interact closely with the staff responsible for supporting the product. At the time of project completion, the staff will have had hands-on experience with all aspects of the new environment, thus minimizing the risks associated with changes to the IT system. Datatek is committed to helping your staff reach a comfort level that ensures productivity and efficiency at project end.

Datatek's formal training is a customizable service based on a company's needs, including subject matter, type and size of class, depth of lecture, and location. If you are interested in setting up a formal class, please contact a Datatek consultant to discuss your requirements.

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