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Datatek's TBAM-Net connectivity product, used in conjunction with a TCP/IP network, provides TBAM and DG INFOS database access across multiple systems and/or platforms. TBAM-Net allows the use of both UNIX systems and PCs for an application.

TBAM-Net allows you to transition to an Open System at a pace set by you. For example, you can convert some or all of your INFOS databases to TBAM running on an Open System, while keeping your application on the MV. This requires no program modification. You need only to relink your applications to take advantage of TBAM's reliability. If you don't want to migrate your INFOS databases immediately, but want to take advantage of improved processor speeds, you can move some of your CPU-intensive applications over to UNIX systems or PCs. You might also consider a combination of both options as the best transition plan for your business.  

If you are uneasy about jumping into a full migration or if you simply want to improve performance while deciding on a long-term solution, TBAM-Net provides the flexibility so that you can create a solution that fits your business needs. For more information about TBAM-Net, contact a Datatek representative.

*TBAM-Net requires AOS/VS II on the MV platform.

Access TBAM and DG INFOS databases from a variety of platforms
Balance the load between systems
Migrate at your own pace
Increased performance

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