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Datatek's Datatek/SQL-Net connectivity product, used in conjunction with a TCP/IP network, provides database access across multiple systems and/or platforms. Datatek/SQL-Net allows the use of both UNIX systems and PCs for an application.

Using Datatek/SQL-Net, companies can move applications in a timeframe that suits their business needs. Since Datatek/SQL-Net makes remote Datatek/SQL databases appear as local, a database can be moved among systems without program modification.

Since Datatek/SQL-Net supports the industry standard ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) interface, you can integrate PCs into your SQL applications. Additionally, you can take advantage of the vast number of commercially available products that support the ODBC interface. For more information about Datatek/SQL-Net, contact a Datatek representative.

Access Datatek/SQL databases from a variety of platforms
Balance the load between systems
Migrate at your own pace
Increased performance

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