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System Migrations

Datatek allows businesses to take advantage of the benefits of Open System platforms. Datatek can migrate your legacy applications to an Open System while retaining their current functionality and interface.


Remediation Services

Datatek can augment certain aspects of the software development/maintenance cycle. Datatek's automated remediation services provide the ability to perform modifications over vast amounts of source code quickly, consistently, and cost effectively.



Datatek offers consulting services, specializing in areas relating to Open Systems, databases, operating system migration, programming languages, office automation, system performance, and legacy systems.


Language Conversions

Datatek allows businesses to take advantage of the benefits of newer programming languages. Datatek's automated language conversion service can convert your legacy applications to a different programming language while allowing you to retain your existing functionality. This automated process is much more efficient and cost effective than a manual conversion.


Code Analysis

Datatek can help you get a better understanding of your IT systems via automated code analysis. Since Datatek's code analysis tools use a compiler's point of view, source code can be analyzed in its entirety, not just line by line or file by file.



Datatek offers both formal and informal training services in all areas relating to both legacy and Open System environments.

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