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Datatek/QM is a full-featured solution for job scheduling and print management. It provides users with the ability to manage both batch processing and print queuing, as well as to control print handling. Businesses looking to migrate from legacy systems will find Datatek/QM's functionality a much better fit than the queuing utilities provided in Open Systems, such as at and lp. Some of the many functions available with Datatek/QM include the following:
  • Unlimited batch/print queues
  • Concurrent queue job processing
  • Printing to multiple devices
  • Priority-based processing options
  • Access via interactive utility and command line
  • Integration directly into applications via API
  • Multiple device types
  • Printer forms control
  • Unix lp-like interface for printing
  • Job history
  • Queue management control via specific user
  • Various job output options
  • Specifiable job environment
  • Job restart options
  • Various timing options for jobs
  • Ability to modify any aspect of a queued job

With Datatek/QM, you can obtain the flexibility needed to efficiently handle the batch and print queuing requirements of your application. For more information about Datatek/QM, contact a Datatek representative.

Many queuing options available
Powerful queue management utilities
Robust queue security
Job execution statistics are available
Easily organized, managed, and maintained queue processing
Multiple access options
Reliable job execution
Built upon robust database engine

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