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Datatek, Inc. has been performing database and programming language conversions since 1992. In that time, Datatek has worked with hierarchical and relational databases, and a considerable number of programming languages including PL/I, Fortran, COBOL, C, and various assemblers. Most of these projects have been complete systems migrations, often involving database, script, and multiple language conversions, as well as the integration of third-party products. Datatek has provided its services to both Global and Fortune 500 companies.

Datatek personnel operate from a solid foundation of experience. Prior to working at Datatek, almost all of Datatek's technical staff were employed by Data General and were instrumental in the development and qualification of many Data General products, including their relational database (DG/SQL), their hierarchical database (INFOS), their office automation application (CEO), and the DG/UX operating system. 

Datatek itself was formed as a response to the demand for Open System technology. Datatek personnel used their legacy expertise to focus on migrating DG MV users to Open System platforms. They then proceeded to develop and maintain products for Open Systems that were compatible with Data General products, allowing companies to retain their investments by circumventing the need for the mass retraining effort that often accompanies a move from a proprietary system. These included both a hierarchical and a relational data manager, the latter having deployments in over three hundred locations nationwide.

Datatek has also developed an office automation product (Intuitive Office), a batch/print queue manager (Datatek/QM), a full-featured sort product (TBAM-Sort), a binary file viewer (Datatek Browse), a bisynchronous interface controller (Datatek/RJE), an asynchronous terminal controller (Datatek/TM), an automated SQL database loader (Datatek/SQL-Loader), an Open System label tape manager ( Datatek/Label), and a text editor (SAID). Though these products were originally developed to facilitate Data General migrations, they are not limited to use by Data General migration customers, but are useful as stand-alone products. In addition, Datatek has created other utilities, such as a credit card transaction-processing module and customized Unix STREAMS modules. While these utilities were written specifically for customers, Datatek always uses such opportunities to leverage the technology for use by other customers.

As its migration business matured, Datatek developed expertise in language conversion, since proprietary system migrations often had this as a requirement. To facilitate this, Datatek has developed programming language conversion utilities, as well as a number of client-customized utilities, in order to reduce the amount of hand coding required. The tools use a modular component approach consisting of parsers, optimizers, client-specific code modifiers, and code generators to allow Datatek to reuse components, decreasing the development time for new language conversions. During conversions, Datatek’s project-specific time is spent making changes to the optimizers and client-specific code modifiers to accommodate and match the coding style of the customer, as well as to translate the language-specific issues. These automated conversions ensure a cleaner, more maintainable programming environment.

Almost all of Datatek's migration projects involve some type of automated language conversion service, including those clients that want to keep the same language, even though they want to switch operating system platforms. In these cases, the same language may exist on the target platform, but not in a compatible form. Other clients may want to consolidate applications written in numerous languages, while others may choose to completely migrate to another software language, as well another operating system platform. Datatek's automated conversion service provides a smooth conversion that is maintainable by the client's programming staff.

Datatek is undeniably an industry expert in platform, database, and language migrations. Known for their prompt and reliable support, Datatek is an obvious choice for your IT needs.

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