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Developers supporting systems that are comprised of thousands or millions of lines of code understand the critical impact of code modifications. A simple change may necessitate significant modification in other areas of an application, which in turn may impact additional areas. Such domino-like repercussions require a careful analysis that is time consuming, labor intensive, and prone to error, especially when the coding task is mundane and repetitive.

These types of problems can be efficiently resolved by using Datatek's automated code analysis services. Since Datatek's tools use a compiler's point of view, a complete analysis of the source code can be easily performed. Specific criteria for a particular modification can be searched for and identified, as well as the permutations created by the modification. Additionally, the modifications and corresponding modifications to the permutations can be made automatically via Datatek's remediation services.

Whether making modifications to your code or scanning for problems that may exist, Datatek's automated code analysis services can save your company time and money.
Major Benefits
Quick Turnaround Time
Consistent Programming Style
Reliable Modifications
Flexible Modification Cycle
Cost Effective

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