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  Today businesses struggle with the problem of maintaining the investment made in their legacy systems while, at the same time, attempting to take advantage of the performance and reduced ownership costs of newer systems. Many legacy systems have been customized to meet the specific requirements of their business and are, in many cases, mission critical. Businesses trying to replace their legacy systems using software packages usually find the package needs to be customized extensively at significant costs to meet their business needs. Once modified, the software package is no longer considered an off-the-shelf solution, resulting in a larger overall cost of ownership than expected.

  Datatek bridges the gap between legacy and more up-to-date operating systems via system migrations. Understanding the value of the years of investment put into these legacy systems, Datatek helps businesses retain it. For over a decade, Datatek has been migrating legacy systems to Open Systems. Their system migration service makes use of Datatek-developed tools that automate much of the migration process, providing a highly reliable migration path in the shortest possible timeframe.

Major Benefits
* Lower Cost of Ownership
* Increased Performance
* State-of-the-Art Architecture
* Expandability
* More Software Choices 

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