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For many businesses, computer software systems have become a hodgepodge of programs written in different programming languages. The reasons for using a variety of languages range from performance issues with older hardware to programmer free choice when coding. Unfortunately, these systems have become harder and more costly to maintain due to their "diverse" components. This has led businesses to look at the benefits of migrating to a single programming language:

  • the ability to have a single standard across a code base
  • an increased availability of programmers proficient in the language
  • a reduced risk of vendors discontinuing support for less popular programming languages
  • the elimination of requirements for different cross-language interface mechanisms
  • the end of being held hostage to the "one" programmer who knows the language

Datatek has developed a language conversion service that is based on Datatek-developed tools that programmatically convert source code to the target language. This saves time and money since manual code conversion can be a very costly and time-consuming task, often taking man-years to accomplish.

Major Benefits

Quick Turnaround Time
Consistent Programming Style
Reliable Modifications
Flexible Modification Cycle 
Cost Effective

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