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Datatek's Intuitive Office (IO) office automation package for Open Systems is virtually keystroke-for-keystroke compatible with Data General's CEO product. Since it has the same friendly user interface, there are no retraining costs. Intuitive Office is character-based, so you can use your existing terminals without the costly rewiring associated with LANs. Some of the many operations you can perform with IO include the following:
  • Compose and send messages and optionally attach files
  • Reply to and forward existing messages
  • Send urgent, certified, and eyes-only messages
  • Customize inbox display with advanced reformatting and sorting features
  • Create and use personal aliases
  • Create and use personal and public mailing lists
  • Share inboxes
  • Integrate third-party software
  • Create document summaries
  • Create and use keywords for document searches
  • Specify user permissions for file sharing
  • Create personal reminders
  • Create address book
  • Create user directories
  • Create shortcuts for quick menu navigation
  • Use understandable filing structure (cabinet, drawer, folder, document)

PC users running Windows can be integrated with Intuitive Office via IO-Connection. IO-Connection, in conjunction with a variety of terminal emulators, provides transparent transfer of mail and documents to and from the PC. Also, you can move your existing documents from the CEO filing system to Intuitive Office cost effectively, using Eagle Software's Cabinet Converter. For more information about Intuitive Office, contact a Datatek representative today.

Easy-to-use interface
Keystroke compatible with DG's CEO
File sharing capabilities
Many customization options
PC connectivity
Third-party software integration

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