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Documentation and code flow analysis can alleviate the problem of system knowledge deficiency. Unfortunately, due to the constant barrage of functionality and maintenance requests made on a development staff, documentation is frequently a low priority item that is rarely, if ever, addressed. Additionally, original programmers of older legacy code tend to no longer be with the business, thus requiring manual reviews of the code. This manual process can be extremely time consuming and labor intensive.

Datatek's code analysis tools use a compiler's point of view. Source code can be analyzed in its entirety, not just line by line or file by file. This allows for the extraction of information from source code, based on specified rules, in order to generate information for documentation and analysis purposes. The following list provides examples of the type of information that can be extracted/generated:

  • Variable and working storage field usage
  • Database access
  • Comment block extraction
  • Calling trees
  • Variable, coding, and source file statistics
  • Customer-specific requests

What may take your programmers man-months to analyze and document can be done by Datatek's automated programming services in a fraction of the time.

Major Benefits
Cost Effective
Customized Output
Application-wide analysis
Quick Turnaround Time

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