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The integration of new software solutions into an IT environment can require data from existing systems. Data, especially from legacy systems, may not be self-defining as in a relational database and may not be in a format that is compatible with the new solution. Custom programs may need to be developed to extract each type of data record, transform it into an appropriate format, and then load it into the new solution. If the data will need to be extracted multiple times (e.g., to load a data warehouse), the programs will need continual maintenance if the format of the data on the existing system continues to change.

Datatek's data extraction service can solve your data extraction problems. Since Datatek's tools use a compiler's point of view, source code can be easily analyzed. This approach enhances Datatek's ability to extract data record formats, determine data access methods, and generate data retrieval and manipulation programs. Greatly reduce the time and cost of your data extraction, transformation, and loading issues by contacting Datatek today.

Major Benefits
Increased processing power
Lower operating costs
Availability of third party products

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