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Larger pool of available programmers
Experienced developers are either retiring from the workforce or switching to work in newer technology fields to remain competitive. Learning institutions are no longer focusing on old-school technologies. As a result, the pool of available personnel to support many older systems continues to dwindle. By converting your legacy language code to more widely used industry standard languages, the possibilities of finding qualified personnel are increased.


Coding style consistency
Automated code conversions result in consistent coding styles in terms of code formatting and syntax, thereby reducing maintenance costs.


Specialized code modifications
In addition to converting to a new language, specialized coding modifications can be implemented as code is converted. Datatek can tailor a converter for any business requirement. Global modifications are made in a consistent and accurate manner.


Greater portability to other platforms
Some languages are heavily integrated with a particular operating system and/or hardware. Industry standard languages run on a wide variety of platforms providing the flexibility of moving portions or all of an application to another platform with minimal effort.


Minimal/No user community retraining
Converting code to a newer language does not change its logic. Applications will essentially look and run the same as they did before. The cost of a massive retraining effort is not required.


Avoid pitfalls of manual recoding/complete software replacement
Converting code manually can be a very costly and time-consuming task. It can very easily take man-years to evaluate an application's logic and convert it to a new language. In addition, multiple developers manually converting code can lead to a lack of coding consistency, as well as the likelihood of introducing errant bugs.


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