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  Today businesses struggle with the problem of how to maintain the investment made in their software applications that were developed using "legacy" programming languages. Newer programming languages can offer businesses access to new technologies, growing developer populations, and lower maintenance/development costs. Unfortunately, transitioning from one programming language to another is not easy. Reengineering and manual rewrites can take years, can consume large amounts of manpower, and can result in lost/broken functionality. Datatek's automated language conversion services solve these problems.

  Automated language conversions are fast, reliable, consistent, and adaptable. Datatek supports the conversion of a number of programming languages and continues to add support for additional languages, based on customer demand. Due to the sophisticated nature of the language converters, over 99% of code is converted automatically. Contact Datatek today and learn how they can solve your language conversion problems.

Major Benefits
* Retain Prior Investments
* Larger Developer Pool
* More Modern Architectures
* Lower Maintenance Costs
* Newer Feature Accessibility 
* Reduced Business Risk

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