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  For a decade, Datatek has helped companies improve their IT systems via platform, database, and language migrations by focusing on solutions that make business sense. Datatek understands the magnitude of implementing changes to your IT system. Since the "all or nothing" approach is rarely a feasible solution, Datatek provides migration alternatives based on a company's goals and objectives, thus allowing the company to retain their investments while maximizing the potential of current technologies.

  So, whether your company is considering a complete system migration, replete with language and database conversions, or only a partial language migration, call Datatek to discuss your options. Operating from a solid core of experience, providing services to both Global and Fortune 500 companies, the staff at Datatek will be able to find a solution that helps modernize your current environment.

Datatek address: 1735 Guess Rd, Suite 200, Durham NC 27701 (800) 536-4835

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