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With systems being comprised of millions of lines of code written in various languages, businesses are finding it difficult, or even impossible, to keep a handle on all aspects of their applications. As programmers are lost due to attrition and downsizing, the knowledge base of a programming staff can be seriously impacted, especially when individual programmers are responsible for particular pieces of systems. Costly ramp-up time is then required for other programmers to be able to support the code base. Businesses looking to migrate their systems to another solution find they are unable to determine all the specific functionality of their systems due to the depth, complexity, and age of their code base.

Automated code analysis can alleviate the problem of knowledge deficiency. Whether you are trying to determine how applications read and modify fields in a database, what the code flow of a particular application is, or what impact a particular modification could have across an entire code base, Datatek's automated code analysis can provide a solution. Since Datatek's code analysis tools use a compiler's point of view, source code can be analyzed in its entirety, not just line by line or file by file. This allows for the extraction of information from source code, based on specified rules, in order to generate information for analysis purposes. To find out how Datatek can solve your code analysis needs, contact Datatek today.

Major Benefits
Cost Effective
Customized Output
Application-Wide Analysis
Quick Turnaround Time

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