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C++ is a structured object-oriented programming language used in business programming environments. Although C++ is not considered a legacy language, businesses are increasingly under pressure to transition to more modern programming environments, and yet retain the tremendous investment they have made in their C++ code base.

A company can use Datatek's automated C++ conversion service to convert its C++ code to another programming language that has a larger pool of developer support. The C++ code can also be converted to another vendor's C++ product, in order to gain new features/functionality. Alternatively, a company can choose the option of using Datatek's automated programming services to make customized extractions of the business logic from the existing code for use in its migration solution.

Datatek's automated C++ code conversion services make use of Datatek-developed tools, which process and analyze source files like a compiler. Source files are processed and modified as entire files and in conjunction with other related source files.

If you would like more information on how Datatek can help you retain your investment while modernizing your application, call a technical specialist at Datatek today.

Major Benefits
* Retain Prior Investments
* Larger Developer Pool
* More Modern Architectures
* Lower Maintenance Costs
* Newer Feature Accessibility 
* Reduced Business Risk

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