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Today's systems are typically comprised of thousands of source code and data files. Modifications to these systems are time consuming and labor intensive. Remember the Y2K conversion? Or the still ongoing UPC code expansion projects? These remediation efforts have resulted in many businesses dedicating their entire IT staff to countless hours of traversing through source code, searching for and correcting data fields and the supporting code.

Datatek's automated remediation services provide the ability to perform modifications over vast amounts of source code quickly, consistently, and cost effectively. Datatek uses a variety of internally developed tools that parse code in the same way a compiler does. Since the tools use a compiler's point of view, they can quickly and easily analyze, manipulate, and generate source code. This is truly an area where a machine can perform a task quicker, better, and much more cost effectively than a manual effort. In addition, by offloading these types of coding chores, your business is now able to utilize its programming staff for what they do best, writing and designing new code. If you don't see an example of the problem you're trying to solve, call Datatek and talk with a remediation specialist.

Major Benefits
Quick Turnaround Time
Consistent Programming Style
Reliable Modifications
Flexible Modification Cycle 
Cost Effective

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